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MRSA data visualization

Friday, March 1st, 2013

This infographic is intended to give the reader an overview of some of the factors that contribute to the evolution of resistant strains of staph, levels of MRSA resistance in the United States, and the rate at which new antibiotics are being approved for use. I am currently working on programming the finished interactive version of this that will allow the viewer to see data at the state level.



Prescribing data

Resistance Map


Patient knowledge data

Pew Survey,  Americans’ Knowledge Of And Attitudes Toward Antibiotic Resistance,

Consumer Attitudes and Use of Antibiotics



Agricultural use data

Pre-2008 data Animal Health Institute sales survey

2002-04 survey of animal drug use (active antibacterial ingredients sold by AHI members).Feedstuffs. 77.27 (July 4, 2005) p2.2002-04

Survey shows drop in antibiotic use.Sarah Muirhead. Feedstuffs. 74.40 (Sept. 30, 2002) p3.


post-2008 data FDA



MRSA data

restistance map


American Journal of Infection Control


antibiotic data

Rediscovering antibiotics

Cain, C. SciBX 5(46); 10.1038/scibx.2012.1198
Published online Nov. 29 2012



Exercise for Introduction to Infographics and Data Visualization

Friday, February 8th, 2013

I did not have the time to make the visualization interactive but the images below show the different views of the data.

tenure data-01-01

tenure data 2-01

tenure data3-01-01

tenure data 4-01



AFT Higher Ed Data Center

National Center for Education Statistics