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Volunteer Work at the Carnegie Museum

Friday, April 22nd, 2011

I started volunteering for the Carnegie Museum of Natural History again in February. One of my first projects was to make line drawings of feathered dinosaurs for an activity for a feathered dinosaur themed birthday party at the museum. The kids at the birthday party looked  at actual pictures of the fossils and artist reconstructions of the dinosaurs then they glued feathers onto the line drawings where the feathers would be on the dinosaurs. They aren’t 100% anatomically accurate because I did not have the time to learn dinosaur anatomy within a few hours and it was not necessary for the project. I’ve also done some work on developing educational activities for summer camps field trip groups. Most of the educational activity ideas that I’ve worked on have to do with using art to help teach scientific concepts.

My latest project for the museum is a painting of screech owls that will be used as a backdrop for a distance learning teleconference . The painting depicts the red and gray color morphs of the owl. Here is the sketch.